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             ON TUESDAY              
Lyric Singers- 6:30-7:45   
Bel Canto- 6:15-7:30
Wyatt Park
Christian Church
2723 Mitchell Ave.,
St. Joseph, MO


SJYC- both choirs
LS- Lyric Singers Only

Jan. 9  SJYC
Spring Semester Begins
Memberships Fees DUE

Jan. 13- LS
Chamber of Commerce

Feb. 29  LS- MEN
Allied Arts Kick-Off
Trail Theater  4:30 PM

Mar. 29- LS
Nat'l Anthem 7 PM
Civic Arena
Live on CBS Sports

April 6-
Nursing Home Tour
Bel Canto- 9:30-1:00 PM
Lyric Singers-
9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

April 30
Dress Rehearsal
Bel Canto 5-7
Lyric Singers 6-8

May 3- SJYC
Spring Concert 7PM

May 4- LS
Worlds Of Fun 
Arrive at 10:45

May 7- LS
Regular Rehearsal

May 10- LS
Neil Diamond
Missouri Theater 7 PM

May 12- LS
End of Semester

June 9- LS

Kauffman Center


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