St. Joseph Youth Chorale 

Handbook- Policies and Procedures

Members of the St. Joseph Youth Chorale...

* Love to sing and perform.

* Appreciate fine music including sacred, secular, classical, and folk compositions.

* Can commit to participate fully in the rigorous rehearsal/performance schedule.

* Are good community ambassadors .

* Are open to learning new ideas.   


Membership in the St. Joseph Youth Chorale is a special privilege not to be taken lightly. Singers have been recommended by their music teachers and have auditioned for a place in a choir that will give them special relationships and memories that will last a lifetime. The meaning of commitment and responsibility is very real to members of this organization. The singers have a sense of pride in being part of a very special choir. Enrollment is for the semester and concludes with the final concert each session.

Our Commitment to Music Programs

We are keenly aware that the success of the St. Joseph Youth Chorale is, in no small part, due to the cooperation of the music teachers in the St. Joseph area. SJYC members are leaders in their school music classes and choir. One of the excused absences is to accomodate performance in a school music program.

Auditions and Promotions

Auditions for singers with recommendation of their music teacher are held each year in May for students entering grades 3-12,  and January for students currently enrolled in grades 3-12.  Auditions are private, attended only by the choral director, accompanist, and auditioning singer. Additional auditions may be scheduled at the director's discretion. 

Singers who have successfully completed the fall  semester of their 6th grade year in Bel Canto may petition for advanced placement into Lyric Singers by requesting a January audition. Advancement is based on the vocal and musical development of the singer as well as recommendations from the director regarding the singer's rehearsal and performance demeanor. The final determination is based on musical ability and maturity, not age or grade.

Promotions are based on consistent demonstration of vocal and musical development, as well as maturity and a commitment to regular attendance and membership. Promotions are made at the discretion of the directors.


Bel Canto - Tuesday, Rehearsal- 5:30-6:45 P.M.

Atrium Room, Wyatt Park Christian Church, 2623 Mitchell Avenue,  St. Joseph, MO

Lyric Singers - Tuesday, Rehearsal- 5:30-7:00 P.M., Sectionals- 7:00-7:30 P.M.               Sanctuary, Wyatt Park Christian Church, 2623, Mitchell Avenue,  St. Joseph, MO

* Please drop off and pick up your singer promptly, There is NO supervision provided before or after class.
* In order to develop independence and encourage undivided attention, parents and siblings are not permitted to attend rehearsals. 
   Rehearsal visitors are welcome to wait outside the rehearsal area.
* We will use the St. Joseph Public Schools holiday and snow day schedule as a guideline, but will make a final determination on
   cancellations based on early afternoon road conditions. If you are unsure of rehearsal cancellations, check the home page of this
website for ALERTS, check for an email update, or check for cancellation information on KQ2 and local radio stations.


The following procedures are enforced for the singers' safety, for ensuring orderly rehearsals, to encourage respect and coutesy for one another, and to achieve discipline and professionalism.

1. Arrive no more than 10 minutes before rehearsal time, sign the attendance check-in sheet, and report directly to your choir room.     Using the restroom, and getting drinks of water should take place before reporting to your assigned seat. Singers do not leave the rehearsal room after signing in unless there is an emergency and special permission has been granted. No one will be dismissed from the room during rehearsal without  permission from the director. 

2. Have paperwork, payments, permission slips, etc... ready to turn in when requested by your director.

3. Do not roam about the building at any time.  Singers are only permitted in rehearsal areas.

4. Do not bring food or drink into the rehearsal area. Non-spill, non-breakable bottles filled with WATER are allowed and encouraged.

5. Running, yelling, or rowdy behavior is not  permitted in the building or on the grounds at any time.

6. Members are responsible for taking home any handouts distributed at rehearsals. Most communication will take place by email.

7. Singers whose performance do not meet expectations will be asked to withdraw after the completion of the semester.

8. At all times, show respect for each other, parent volunteers, assistants, staff, and facilities. Pay attention to the director at all times.

Do not behave in a manner which is disruptive to the rehearsal or distracting to singers, directors, or accompanists, or which prohibits a positive and successful rehearsal. Disruptive behavior will result in the following:

              * First offense- verbal warning.

              * Second offense- removal from rehearsal. Removal from rehearsal is counted as an                          unexcused absence. The second removal will

                 require a meeting with the singer, parents, and director.

              * Third offense- Singer is denied attendance to rehearsals (duration to be determined by                  the director) and may result in permanent removal from the choir.


Membership in the St. Joseph Youth Chorale is a commitment to faithful, consistent, and punctual attendance. It is expected that rehearsals take a high priority as each singer is holding a valuable place in his/her choir. All rehearsals are mandatory unless otherwise indicated by the director.


EXCUSED & UNEXCUSED- Choir members are allowed a total of

three (3) absences (one excused and two unexcused per semester)

before being considered for probationary membership status or removal from the choir.

           Choir members attending on Financial Aid or Merit Scholarships are allowed              

1 excused and 1 unexcused absence. Additional absences may result in probationary  membership status and/or revocation of the scholarship and membership.                        Scholarships are reserved for and awarded to those singers who are truly                       committed to the SJYC rehearsal and performance schedule.

It is understandable that the choir rehearses/performs at its best when all are in attendance. We encourage each singer to maintain a perfect attendance record. One excused absence is allowed for participation in a school music program as a member of the performing group. It is the only absence excused for the purpose of earning a Perfect Attendance award. Absences may be excused (for the purpose of continued choir membership) for illness or family emergency. In order for the absence to be excused, you must notify the director by email or phone no later than one hour prior to the rehearsal. Failure to notify the director of an absence will result in an unexcused absence. 

Choir members are allowed only two unexcused absences during each semester, including, but not limited to; sporting events, talent shows, doctor/dentist appointments, family vacation, transportation difficulties, science fairs, school carnivals, etc. Three unexcused absences may result in dismissal from the choir. Before dismissal, the director may call a meeting with the singer and their parents to determine the  status of  "active" or "probationary" membership. 

LYRIC SINGERS AND BEL CANTO MEMBERS- Attendance at all major performances is required. An unexcused absence from the final performance of a semester may result in the loss of your position in the choir for the following semester. If a singer is absent from the dress rehearsal for the final concert, they should not arrive at the concert expecting to perform unless prior arrangements have been made with the director.



SJYC is concerned about the safety of our young singers. Please follow these guidelines for singers rehearsing at Wyatt Park Christian Church:

1.Drive up directly in front of the stairs leading to the entrance on the west side of the building. Do not park in front of the steps. Stop there briefly to drop off your singer.Then exit the parking lot, or park in a designated parking space.

2. If you have concerns about your singer finding their rehearsal area, please park and accompany them into the building.


Membership fees are due on or before the first class meeting/rehearsal. 
Bel Canto and Lyric Singers fees are $85.00 per semester per singer.  Payments may be made by check or cash and remitted along with the completed registration form when your singer arrives for the first rehearsal. You may also mail your check and completed registration form to St. Joseph Youth Chorale, PO Box 8624, St. Joseph, MO. 64508. Please make sure that the postmark date insures that the payment will arrive before the first rehearsal. You will receive an email confirmation of your payment. Payments received after the first rehearsal will incur a $5.00 late fee in addition to the regular membership fee. You may also register and pay through this website on our secure PayPal shopping site. 



St. Joseph Youth Chorale