Auditions and Promotions


Auditions for singers with recommendation of their music teacher are held each year in

May and August for students entering grades 2-12,  and January for students currently enrolled in grades 2-12.  Auditions are private, attended only by the choral director, accompanist, and auditioning singer. Additional auditions may be scheduled at the director's discretion. Returning singers do not need to audition unless they are seeking placement into the next level choir.


Bel Canto, grades 2-6, requires an audition by appointment with the director. (Please see posted audition times and dates.) Singers who have successfully completed both the fall and spring semesters of their 5th grade year in Bel Canto may audition for advanced placement into Lyric Singers for the fall of their 6th grade year.  Singers who enter Bel Canto choir in the fall of their 6th grade year as a new member to SJYC, and successfully complete the fall semester, may audition for  advanced placement into Lyric Singers for the spring semester of 6th grade by requesting a January audition.


Advancement is based on the vocal and musical development of the singer as well as recommendations from the Bel Canto director regarding the singer's rehearsal and performance demeanor. The final determination is based on musical ability and maturity, not age or grade.


Lyric Singers, grades 6-12, requires an audition by appointment for all NEW singers. 

"Promotions are based on consistent demonstration of vocal and musical development,               as well as maturity and a commitment to regular attendance and membership.                        Promotions are made at the discretion of the directors."






St. Joseph Youth Chorale