​Membership in the St. Joseph Youth Chorale is a commitment to faithful, consistent, and punctual attendance. It is expected that rehearsals take a high priority as each singer is holding a valuable place in his/her choir. All rehearsals are mandatory unless otherwise indicated by the director.

EXCUSED & UNEXCUSED- Choir members are allowed a total of three (3) absences (one excused and two unexcused per semester) before being considered for probationary membership status or removal from the choir. Choir members attending on Financial Aid or Merit Scholarships are allowed 1 excused and 1 unexcused absence. Additional absences may result in probationary membership status and/or revocation of the scholarship and membership. Scholarships are reserved for and awarded to those singers who are truly committed to the SJYC rehearsal and performance schedule.

​It is understandable that the choir rehearses/performs at its best when all are in attendance. We encourage each singer to maintain a perfect attendance record. One excused absence is allowed for participation in a school music program as a member of the performing group. It is the only absence excused for the purpose of earning a Perfect Attendance award. Absences may be excused (for the purpose of continued choir membership) for illness or family emergency. In order for the absence to be excused, you must notify the director by email or phone no later than one hour prior to the rehearsal. Failure to notify the director of an absence will result in an unexcused absence.

Choir members are allowed only two​ unexcused absences during each semester, including, but not limited to; sporting events, talent shows, doctor/dentist appointments, family vacation, transportation difficulties, science fairs, school carnivals, etc. Three unexcused absences may result in dismissal from the choir. Before dismissal, the director may call a meeting with the singer and their parents to determine the  status of  "active" or "probationary" membership.
Attendance at all major performances is required. An unexcused absence from the final performance of a semester may result in the loss of your position in the choir for the following semester. If a singer is absent from the dress rehearsal for the final concert, they should not arrive at the concert expecting to perform unless prior arrangements                 have been made with the director.



St. Joseph Youth Chorale